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Table Top Aviation - 1970 - Orange County Medical Association

I had been in practice in Orange County for 3 years when I was asked to write an article about my hobby as a feature in the journal of the local medical association. I was then married to my first wife, Sally, and had two sons, John and Geoff. I had a solo practice in Anaheim, initially, and lived on Broadview, in a rented home. I was driving my second Porsche, a 1969 911 S, a car that is now owned by my son, John. There were few dialysis units and I was a year away from opening my own unit. John was 6 and Geoff was 4, and I was renting an office at 1701 S. Euclid in Anaheim, and covering Joe Leonard Orange County's first nephrologist.

I still had time for aviation and fantasy.
Tags: aviation, biographical, geoff
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