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Scott Fujita, "A Linebacker With a Conscience."

It looks like a great day for New Orleans as they lead another unbeaten team, the New York Giants, by a lot of points. Sitting on the sideline with a leg injury is a 6' 5" linebacker with the curious name of Scott Fujita. Funny, he doesn't look Japanese!

I remembered having a high regard for him when he was a college. I remembered he played in the Pac 10, but I couldn't remember where, so I looked him up, first in Google and then to an excellent article by David Fleming, "Linebacker With a Conscience."

If you think that football is simply barbarism and the players, barbarians, read this article. Fujita was raised in a traditional Japanese family, was deeply affected by the unconstitutional deprivation of civil liberties sustained by his grandmother, whom he considers to be the bravest person he has ever known.

Amongst his accomplishments are degrees in Political Science from the University of California, a Masters in Education, recognition as an academic as well as a football standout, and the courage to speak out for gay rights.

When you watch the Saints, keep your eye on Number 55! He's far more than an excellent football player.
Tags: character, football, heroes
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