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Before Entering Combat, We Salute You

This photo was taken by one of our adversaries just before we climbed into the cockpits of our respective F-16's. We were simulated warriors in simulated jet fighters.
Capt. Josh & Wingman

First time up in an F-16, Captain Josh Golden (the bars aren’t visible on his coveralls, but they were there!) shot down 7 enemy fighters, and successfully landed his plane. In a formation of 7 fighters, he had the highest score, tied with an experienced participant.

I, on the other hand, attempted to avoid combat by heading the other way, but still was shot down twice. Miraculously, for I was truly an incompetent flyer, I managed to get my fighter down quite close to the runway, landing within feet of the chain link fence which formed the outer boundary, with considerable damage to the plane.... But walked away from it. All on the computer, so don’t fear!

Sam Shepard & Chuck Yeager
Experienced aviators could only look on in wonder. Sam Shepard and Chuck Yeager have requested that we not apply for any possible roles in a future remake of “The Right Stuff.” Something about the coveralls not looking quite right on one of us. I don’t know. I thought Josh looked pretty good in uniform.

Uncle Sam Wants You
Josh’s performance, evaluated impartially, led to a new proposal from the Pentagon. It will await the approval of some other interested parties.

Myles @ Ruby's Myles Golden decorating his train menu at Ruby's.
Tammy& Danielle @ Ruby's Tammy and Danielle.

Happy New Year to All! May all the future fighting be simulated.
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