tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

The Morning Off... Hah!

Before I dash off to work, to save lives, of course, knowing that, to my family, to reduce me to a proper perspective, "Saving lives is highly overrated...." (daughter, Becky.) I absolutely needed to jot down a few notes.... to the world of blogging, naturally.

I was delighted to learn that my son, Dirk, actually read my blog. It's a poor substitute for getting together, but Lin and I managed to have a Thai dinner with Dirk and Christy and discuss jacarandas, apartment molds, a chihuahua-Jack Russell terrier bitch named Jane, and various and sundry topics. We all resolved to do it again, sooner, and I resolve to brag about this wonderful couple, starting with an upload of their pictures. What the hell, I'm the editor of my blog, aren't I? And I haven't spent hardly any time bragging about my wonderful family.... even if almost all of them never take the time to read their father's blog. (Said with the intonations of an old geezer in a retirement community in Florida complaining to a similarly ignored neighbor...) Of course, I'm no old geezer, and I'm not retired, and Florida would be the last place I head to.

My first sunflower remains in bloom! More are just waiting to break out into blossom. More are getting transplanted.

News. George Mikan, basketball player, died at 80, of diabetes and kidney failure. He played for the Minneapolis Lakers.... first big man. Sorry. Great run!

Chris Cox, our local Republican representative, too bright for my good, and a guy who once backed into my car at the Nixon Library.... that's another story. I can't remember why I was there, but it wasn't to pay tribute to either guy. For sure! Cox is moving over to regulate business.... Chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission... and he will be replaced by another conservative Republican. We live at the poor end of Newport Beach, Irvine.... it's called Santa Ana, with a >50% Hispanic population, and lots of diabetes, lots of kidney failure, and NO HEALTH INSURANCE! I guess it took me about 3 months to get political.

Lastly, I have a patient in the hospital with bizarre abdominal pain, and, Holy Cow!, I remembered Acute Intermittent Porphyria. Of course she's as likely to have that as I am to be pursued by a pterosuar, but, in deference to Beckster, I'm just thrilled that I could remember it in the differential diagnosis, 43 years after U.S.C. granted me the ticket to a lifetime preoccupation with a pursuit of an overrated obsession.

Isn't there one other, at least, of my 7 children who read my blog? Well, it isn't deforesting the Amazon, either.
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