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Reading Vice - The Inevitable Partial Book Report

Wimbledon, the World Cup, visit from daughter, Becky, and Haley and Zachary, 3 lunches with Dirk, Geoff's really great script, the medical practice, the Porsche's cantankerous trip computer, miles per gallon calculator and outside temperature thermometer, as well as Foyle's War, and dare I leave out Lin, and the end of the olallieberry season and the sugar-free, fresh olallieberry pie from Polly's, are all competing for my increasingly limited attention span. Then, there's the medical practice and a surprising level of cooperation from colleagues for the institution of an off label use of rituxan to treat a lupus flare in a very nice young lady... great news!

To this dazzling blur is added, Chapter 7 of Lynne Olson's, "Citizens of London.... Americans Who Stood with Britain in its Darkest Finest Hour," a Father's Day present that wouldn't fit into Haley's suitcase, but arrived with Becky and Zach, yesterday, complete with a beautiful red recycled bow. A 2010 book by a journalist, it focuses on the roles played by Edward R. Murrow, Averell Harriman and John Gilbert Winant, in helping to draw the United States closer to England in 1940 and 1941.

The Chapter, entitled, "I want to be in it with you from the start," quotes Billy Fiske, the American Olympic bobsled champion, supercharged Bentley sportscar driver, Cambridge graduate (Trinity Hall) and 601 Squadron Hurricane pilot, who died two days after he managed to land his badly damaged plane, and is memorialized at St. Paul's Cathedral. My new Facebook friend, John Wright, painted this powerful event, the final crash, and made this moving video.

Lynne Olson passes the test in her coverage of Fiske, the Eagle Squadron, and reminds me that the movie that started me off, Eagle Squadron, was a critical disaster, booed by the very men it was supposed to honor, and best remembered for the film preface, shot by the the British documentarian, Harry Watt, who made Target for Tonight, and showed the real Eagle Squadron filmed by Watt and narrated by Quentin Reynolds. (Cited by Lynne Olson and attributed to film critic, Bosley Crowther.

I look forward to completing the whole book. The queue remains painfully long!
Tags: battle of britain, billy fiske, john wright, raf
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