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Another RAF Veteran I Would Have Loved to Meet: Wing Commander Ernest Millington

I was wandering through the internet and googling for an image to send to an alumnus of my Chicago high school, Theodore Roosevelt, when I discovered this former Lancaster pilot, the longest survivor after serving in Parliament.

"Millington, who described himself as "a communist with a small 'c'", found himself at 29 the "baby" of the House. He made an immediate impact as one of the first public questioners of the morality of area-bombing German cities, saying: "What we want – that is the people who served in Bomber Command and their next of kin – is a categorical assurance that the work we did was militarily and strategically justified." Yet he was a strong defender of Arthur "Bomber" Harris, insisting he had been much maligned."

Also, from The Telegraph: "He maintained his interest in British politics, observing that until Tony Blair became leader, the Labour Party had failed to understand it could not win more than one term of office without middle-class support. Yet he disdained Blair for lacking idealism.
In Who's Who he listed his ambition as "to survive to 100!"

He didn't quite make it.
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