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$50 FACE OFF: Healthcare Reform, from Broad Appeal to Possible Repeal?

I couldn't help responding to this one, placed by a fairly good physician information site, Medscape, which really does help to keep me medically informed, while, as this clipping indicates, serving the economic interests of what's left of my "profession."

Started By: MedscapeFeedback, MD, Other Clinical, 3:18PM Sep 28, 2010
This past week, limited provisions of the Affordable Care Act President Obama pushed through six months ago went into effect. With public support for the bill on the decline, President Obama released a statement, "Sometimes I fault myself for not being able to make the case more clearly to the country", while some Republicans called for a "blood oath" to block the legislation from being implemented in every appropriations bill that comes to Congress.

In your opinion, is flagging support for the bill simply a result of poor communication? How do you expect your practice to be impacted by the provisions that recently went into effect? Are you doing anything to lobby for or against this legislation? Should Congressional Republicans work to repeal or block implementation of the legislation going forward? Please share your thoughts.

Rick G. Kulkarni, MD
Vice President/Medical Director, WebMD Professional

Are any of the provisions that went into effect last week going to affect your practice?

1) Yes, should help boost patient load

2) Yes, but will lead to just more administrative problems

3) No, this is mostly inconsequential to my practice


My response, in voting "other"

As physicians, we are stakeholders in the economics of health care, but, as members of a dying profession, we are torchbearers for the concept of the ethical provision of our services as a physician to those in need. That's why the industrialized nations of the world have universal health care, and why a few amongst us, cling to the notion of Single Payer as an economically feasible way of rationalizing our profession. The reform is a pitifully small step in the right direction, and it wont change the needs at the 3 free clinics I serve, in between providing care for the monetary benefit of insurance comanies and medical entrepreneurs.

They sweeten the dessert with this:

Please participate in the poll and add your comments below to share your opinion on this topic. Eligible physicians who participate in this poll will be automatically entered to win a $50 American Express Gift Card, which will be awarded to 50 participants.

The promotion ends October 8, 2010. Award notifications will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you have on file with Medscape (see official rules).
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