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Keck School of Medicine of USC Alumni Directory Personal Message Option

I'm still alive and plowing the same furrows, lamenting the results of the Bruins' football efforts and hoping that basketball will bring sports redemption.

My medical school, in its annual directory, offered me the opportunity to place a personal message, which will have wider readership here, than there. So here's my 2010 update:

I'm entering my 44th year of continuous practice in Orange County, and I've returned to solo practice after more than 20 years in a four man group. I've simplified my hospital responsibilities to 3, from more than 20, at one time, but I still spend an unconscionable amount of time commuting from one dialysis unit to another to see 60 chronic dialysis patients, 4 times/month, and I follow about 15-20 renal transplant patients. One of the highlight of my year is the annual USC Diagnostics and Therapeutics Conference at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, each March. On November 22, 2010, Porsche will build me my 6th, and last car, a 2011 midnight blue 911 Turbo S, my business car, helping to maintain my reputation as the fastest (driving) nephrologist in the county.
My best friend, my beautiful wife, Linda, and I spend much time in visiting our 11 grandchildren, enjoying cruises aboard Crystal where we haunt Nobu Mitsuhisa's sushi bar. I remain an avid fan of college football and basketball and try to catch all of the Bruin and Trojan games, as a proud alumnus of both schools. I have not given up on health care reform and have been hoping that my brethren and the nation as a whole will accept the need for, and wisdom of choosing, Single Payer Healthcare, Medicare for All! I haven't changed very much, though my tennis is now confined to Wii. Politics, aviation, military history, gardening, art movies, NPR and PBS fill in the few crevices in my schedule, and if I had the time, I'd be blogging. Fight on! Go Bruins!
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