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Today Was the Day!

My order for a 2011 Porsche Turbo S was to be produced at the factory today, so I spent the last week taking visual tours around the factory in anticipation of experiencing , vicariously, the assemblage of steels and leather, electronics and paint, into my very own, just for me. midnight blue, personalized Spitfire of a sports car. Well, it didn't happen. It seems that the production date has been pushed back to January 22, 2011. I am disappointed, but not too surprised. I have deposits with 2 different Porsche dealers and the first had said the car would be produced at the end of January. I called about 5 or 6 dealers around the country seeing if I could get an earlier build date, but the frustration comes from the midnight blue paint job that is not one of the offered colors, and carries a substantial surcharge. So, patience is in order.

Sometimes, adjustments and repairs are absolutely essential. I have great faith in Porsche, and know that with the wonders of air freight, and just-in-time inventory control, my car will eventually work it's way down the production line. Why, even Lufthansa is reaching back into its inventory and optimizing the landing gear in its fleet.

Perhaps, I'm not the only Californian to contemplate just-in time and lean production Hopefully Derek got his Porsche, and his degree, and is enjoying the Cardinal gridiron exploits.

So, with this in mind, I'll go back to training my Dragon. Dragon, Naturallyspeaking, of course, for the implementation of electronic medical records. But, that's another adventure.
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