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A Warm Feeling

Nothing like listening to traditional Scottish music, the sun shining after several days of rain, our children about to gather for a Christmas dinner, loads and loads of grandchildren, a new Porsche to look forward to, a beautiful wife who is my best friend. I'm just soaking it up before I go in for rounds on a patient at each of my two hospitals.

I'm going to plant a few tulip bulbs and some ranunculus, hoping its not too late. Just, awfully happy. Next week, the office goes live on an electronic medical record system, so that will be a challenge. For now, it's largely home and family, and that feeling the Christmas generates. One of my poor patients, a really nice man from Pakistan, with whom I can barely communicate, but who has a warm and gracious smile, bought me a Christmas present, some Knott's Cookies, and a Starbuck's Card, and he can barely afford to feed himself. It brings tears to your eyes.
Tags: gratitude
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