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Fw-190A Replica at Planes of Fame

The plane that was featured in the Planes of Fame Living History Seminar on Saturday, January 9, 2011 was a Frasca Replica. It was very well done, but I had led myself to expect a 190A that had been recovered from a Russian forest, pent some time in England under construction, and was recently completed in California and fitted with a reconditioned original BMW 801 engine. Steve Hinton, of PoF, had recently test flown the original, which is part of the collection of Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection, in Everett, WA. I was confused by Steve Hinton's involvement with both airplanes, and this EAA article.

The flight of the plane appeared to be limited to a single pass over the airport with a quick landing, and the reported problems encountered with engine cooling in the R-2800 substitution for the BMW 801 suggested the reason.

Hans Busch, a former Luftwaffe pilot who survived cartwheeling an Me-262, and claims a perfect career in which he killed no one and survived service in Zerstorer types, Me-110, 210 and 410's, after nearly being drafted into the artillery, described his opportunity to do some free flying in the Fw-190 while he prepared for the 262. Most touching to me was his questioning the need for the carpet bombing that led to massive civilian casualties in Dresden and Hamburg. Unfortunately, his Komeraden did not have such a perfect war, inflicting massive civilian casualties from the Low Countries, Poland, Britain and Russia. However, the need for bombing of civilians and the current war in Afghanistan and its collateral casualties, let alone the use of atomic weapons illustrates how the innocent pay the price for warfare unleashed.

There really is no "good war." I will buy his book, because I see a measure of great humanity in his reflections, and that's not something I expected to find in a gathering of aging warriors.
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