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Today, from Plauen, Germany, a thick brown envelope arrived containing christophorus a slick, glossy exercise in generating enthusiasm and exclusivity for Porsche owners and would be owners. The title article is "Sixty Years in America," and the first photograph is that of Ferry Porsche and Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1958 with a 356 A Coupe in New York Harbor, in front of a ship named "America."

The entire magazine is in praise of the last 60 years of Porsche in America, with stories of connection and devotion, seemingly in service to selling more cars to it's chief customer nation. If all you read is Christophorus, and realize that there is actually a position in Porsche Cars North America entitled "Customer Commitment," you might have the optimism that a long time customer, purchasing his 7th car, might stand a chance of having a request flfilled, to have a picture taken of the "marriage ceremony," where the engine is installed in the body, at station 61. Instead, I have drawn the polite ire of the Manager of Customer Commitment, who has taken great pains to respond to my numerous requests in a final, definitive answer: "With regard to your latest request that Porsche provide a photograph of your vehicle, please be advised this is not a service Porsche provides to its customers and we are unable to comply with this request now or at any time in the future. Copies of this letter are sent to Customer Commitment, Porsche AG (Germany), Customer Commitment Specialists, Porsche Cars North America, and the Manager, Porsche Contact Center.

In other words, I have been surrounded and contained....definitively. The last time there was such a German envelopment, it was the 101st Airborne at Bastogne, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge, when General Anthony McAuliffe replied to the German surrender ultimatum: "Nuts!"

It's safe to assume that General McAuliffe never faced Porsche Panzers, nor had a desire to drive one, though he was Commander in Chief of United States Army Europe(1955). My only outlet, in this predicament, is to vent my disappointment in this blog.

It's not that I didn't try, and most creatively writing to about half of the Board of Directors, the marketing manager, the head of production, as well as explore possibilities via the Porsche enthusiast blogs, Excellence, Porsche Club of America, and some other connections which I won't reveal, but does provide me with solace and admiration, and from whom I have borrowed the subject line, which translates as "Silence in the Woods." We gave it one hell of a try.

My car salesperson, Michelle Larsson, of Circle Porsche, Long Beach, has been extremely helpful. Her latest communication, dated January 19, 2011: "...Your new Turbo S is now in paintproduction status. We will have a VIN shortly. When I have that, I will communicate it to you. Soon after that it will go “on vessel”. This is when it starts to get exciting!" I am inferring that the body is being painted somewhere, in preparation for that "marriage" at Station 61.

This is a wonderful video that takes the viewer through the "marriage" at Station 61. Thanks to National Geographic, and YouTube and 924firumnl.

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