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WPOAD2A95BS786802 - At Last!

Where is Mel Brooks when I need him? For the last month or so, I've been living on the fumes of fantasy, imagining that I would find a sympathetic ear, somewhere in the vast Porsche organization, who would facilitate the mystical bonding of owner with body and engine at station 61, the "marriage." I will have to settle for the car itself, and simply surrender the fantasy. About 54 separate communications to everybody at Porsche but the cleaning lady, and she was spared only because I didn't get her name, or e-mail.

My last hope, Herr Paul Gregor, responded with an automated reply that he will return from vacation on January 10, 2011, only two days before the completion date of my 911 Turbo S. Like the old melodramas where the condemned man sits strapped in the chair, the warden waiting for the call from the governor to halt the execution.
The warden shakes his head, the camera fades back and the lighting dims as the electric current.... well, you get it.
This one is all but over, and its another one of those character building events, like this year's Bruin football season, or recent Bruin basketball, or the life of a Chicago Cub fan, or someone waiting for Single Payer Health Care.

So much character building, so little time, so much Teutonic rigidity and lack of empathy. One supporter and enthusiast offered this comment, "It's a sad day when a physician knows more about marketing than Porsche." However, there's a midnight blue consolation that should be here by March 15, 2011.

Well that was about 2 weeks ago, and marketing and factory visits are old hat. I heard from my carl saleslady, who has been a great help, that my car has a VIN. That means it is no longer a work order, or a production number. It's my car.... well, it will be when it gets here and I pay for it.

I'm now trying to follow its course, suspected to be by rail to Emden or Bremershaven.

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Tags: logistics, porsche, turbo s
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