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Hans Busch: The Last of the Few - An Me 262 Pilot Remembers

Having heard the author speak, I was aware of his sensitivity to, and repugnance for, the killing of innocent civilians during the area bombings of Germany, but I was unprepared for the naif who had no exposure to the anti-Semitism of pre-war Germany, or who equated the concentration camps to the British camps for Boers in the South African war. His tribulations on a crowded passenger train near the end of the war stand out in sharp contrast to the tribulations of millions on their final train rides through a country, if the author is to be believed, unaware of the "Final Solution." At the end of the war, he survived 3 years in a Russian prison camp and then immigrated to the United States, where he worked for an aeronautical firm, unable to pursue his dream of commercial aviation.

In summary, this is a sanitized version of limited interest save for those who wish to hear from one of the few who flew the Me 262, and survived a take off crash. There is little self-examination, and the editor's comments could have been written by Josef Goebbels.

This is the book review, above, that I wrote for Amazon, and this is the capsule in Flipkart.com I would judge my review (2/5 stars rating) to be highly subjective, and not very informative for a potential reader, but I intended to convey my disappointment, particularly with the editor, as the material was of great interest, but the author's writing style seemed amateurish, and I suspect that in the hands of a different editor and publisher, perhaps a questioning critic, the material might have been far more interesting. As it was, it might have come from a disgruntled pre-teen ushered off to Camp Wannabee.
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