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Gentle Leader, In and Out of Long Beach

I have been following the voyage of Gentle Leader on a daily basis, feeling a certain empathy for the Luftwaffe pilots who scoured the Atlantic in Fw 200 Condors, searching out prey for the Kriegsmarine. Of course, they didn't have GPS or marinetraffic.com or vesseltracker.com as well as google maps, or the Battle of the Atlantic might have had a different outcome. Marinetraffic.com is particularly useful in that they send me an e-mail for changes of port, ship underway, ship stopped, change in ETA, etc., while exact locations are noted (latitude/longitude) on vesseltracker. I have yet to access real time satellite photos, but I suspect that I would have to be vetted by Langley, or awfully, awfully well-connected, to literally follow the ship in real time.

Thus, arrived this, at 07:53 Hawaiian time, yesterday, Friday, a day ahead of ETA, and despite the snail pace around the Panama Canal. Name: GENTLE LEADER http://www.vesseltracker.com/en/Ships/Gentle-Leader-I255079.html
IMO: 9391567
Time: 25-02-2011 17:53:57 UTC

MOVEMENT: Vessel stopped. ( Port: San Diego )
PORT: The vessel GENTLE LEADER has moored at berth. ( Port: San Diego )

Then, at 13:43 HST, this message:
Time: 25-02-2011 23:43:54 UTC

MOVEMENT: Vessel moved.

PORT: The vessel GENTLE LEADER has left the berth. ( Port: San Diego )

My inference, with what I have heard from Porsche, is that my Porsche is now in San Diego, awaiting customs, Monroney and transport, in a covered auto-transporter, to Circle Motors, Long Beach, dealer prep. The Port of San Diego stated that Gentle Leader was at:

Gentle Leader Arrival:02/25 05:00 Departure:02/25 16:00 Previous Port:Kingston, Jamaica Berth:24-10 Purpose:Disc Automobile Stevedore:PASHA Port Agent:PSH Operator:NYK Flag:BHS

So, with the aid of google maps and satellite cameras, I found what might be the very berth with an RO/RO autocarrier, which might be Gentle Leader, in the photo below:

Then, a surprise, at 03:53 HST, Saturday, today: Time: 26-02-2011 13:53:18 UTC

MOVEMENT: Vessel stopped. ( Port: Los Angeles Berth: Long Beach Pier F )
PORT: The vessel GENTLE LEADER has moored at berth. ( Port: Los Angeles Berth: Long Beach Pier F )

So, why on earth does the ship come in to Long Beach, itself, with my car awaiting customs in San Diego? Probably the answer is stevedoring and Porsche port preparation, headquartered in San Diego, and probably a decision based upon cost, and, undoubtedly, the process is transparent only to the Abwehr

So, as we prepare to return to Santa Ana (21:20 today - UAL), and Brigham Young and USD, and Arizona and UCLA prepare to play basketball, I will be reading of Roald Dahl, gremlins, subterfuge, tall tales and the like, and fantasizing about loose talks, ships, German cars and intrigue, and dreading the week of very intense labor, before I'm back in Kona, again. Well, someone has to do it!
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