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Today Has Got to Be the Day!

On 2/28/11 2:14 PM, "Michelle Larsson" ....circleporsche.... wrote:
"Good afternoon Dr. Lewin,
PCNA has advised us that your new Porsche has finished the port pre-inspection process. We now await info on when it will be scheduled for transport.
Are you going to finance with us or do you prefer to pay cash. I will try to get the paperwork details finished for you before your Turbo S arrives so that your time here for delivery will be enjoyable. We know how valuable your time is."

How long does it take to get from San Diego to Long Beach? Gentle Leader, took less than a day, and now she's bound for Japan, and due there on March 11th. Will PCNA manage to get the car to Circle Motors before the ship reaches port?

The car travels in a special covered transporter, the contents guarded by a fairly anonymous covering, I gather. Just another 16 wheeler. Probably up the 405, 10 miles past my house, another 30 miles to Long Beach. Today is the 4th day since that long awaited message, and the day before I leave for a medical conference in Hawaii. It's today, or Sunday, March 13th.

So, I'm thinking, should I gather the most interested parties on that Sunday, assemble my son, John, and my grandson, Geoff, ask them to bring Ferdinand, my second Porsche, a 1969 911 S, while I bring Torshia, my fifth, and current Porsche, my sister, and a few more, and throw a party, a Sunday brunch? Is it sacrilege to think of a briss for a German car? What, if anything, should be excised? Do I need a minyon? What should be her name? Her, name?

This is what the day brings, and the ides of March lie ahead..... Really, what do I call this fantasy?
Tags: porsche 911 turbo s
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