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Tsunami Dodged - We're Safe

The Prince Hotel, where the auditorium is located is an evacuation site. The Civil Defense team evacuated some people from lower lying areas and put them up at night in the auditorium where the classes are held, so they started 2 hours late. Also, this luxury hotel has taken in a bunch of folks from a couple of other hotels situated lower down toward sea level, and there are a bunch of haggard looking people who must have been evacuated in the middle of the night.

Apparently at about 2 AM, word came that the 4 lowest floors were being evacuated to higher ground. We are on the 8th floor(827). Our warning system didn't work, so it was a phone call from Becky at about 5 AM that alerted us to the tsunami. We checked CNN and saw the photos of Japan and the news of an 8.9 earthquake.

The beach was closed today and the beach level Hau Tree bar and restaurant was said to be covered with sand. The beach was closed today. Linda's planned kayaking lesson, foregone. We're completely safe, and so very sorry for the terrible catastrophe that befell Japan. That was the very place that the ship, Gentle Leader, was bound and set to arrive today. I will check its destined port relative to the devastation. We leave tomorrow at 2 PM and are confirmed on a flight to arrive LAX at 9:20. We feel very, very fortunate.
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