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Spitfire Revisited

A few weeks back, Becky visited us and surprised me with a book, "Spitfire - Icon of a Nation," 2008, by Ivan Rendall, and I'm 146/288 through it, and enjoying it immensely, less so for any new knowledge or information on the airplane, but for the author's focus on the symbolism and the iconic nature of this airplane. It was so much more than a fighter aircraft, and Rendall divides his chapters into Introduction, Speed, Air Power, Science and Art, War, Battle, Fighting Machine, Flying Legend and Star and Celebrity. I am going through "Battle," and enjoying the observations and summary. The author has synthesized so many of the thoughts wandering through my mind over the years, explaining the appeal of this aircraft on so many levels.

The timing is such that I will be going with 2 ten year old grandsons and Lin in July to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry where "my" Spitfire hangs from the ceiling. This was where I fell in love, although movies paved the way, like "A Yank in the RAF" and "Eagle Squadron." I've introduced the Spitfire to my grandsons but this is the first time they will see my first love. We'll also go to Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs, and the Field Museum.

Along the same iconic path, J. C. Freeborn's 74 Squadron Spitfire not only flies over my bed but over my left shoulder in Torshia II's left rear window (My 911 Porsche Turbo S.) Perhaps the iconic 911 Porsche is today's standard bearer, beauty, speed, power, grace.
Tags: porsche, spitfire
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