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Easy Money!

My time is worth $600 an hour to market research folks, and to Big Pharma who pays them. I just did a half hour interview, which took 45 minutes, and paid me $300, to give the researchers my view of a product about to be released to change the convenience of taking transplant rejection drugs once a day instead of every 12 hours. Yes, it would help compliance. But patients who have been on dialysis and have a second chance at a more normal life after a transplant, are pretty compliant about taking their medicines, at least in my practice. The marketing tool is to convince physicians that the new copyrighted product is going to do everything the old copyrighted product did, at the same price, with the convenience of once a day therapy. So far, so good.

At the end of the interview, it became apparent that the current product loses its copyright, and will be competing with a cheaper, and presumably, equally effective, generic version. How interesting that the patent holder comes up with the new product at about the time the generic competition arrives at a cheaper price.

This is a very familiar story in the area of pharmaceuticals, the most profitable area of health care, and that is why my 45 minutes was worth $300, and taking care of undocumented patients without insurance, saving lives, is worth, to the state, practically nothing. So, I am volunteering myself as a very good interview to Big Pharma, and, yes, I'll take my cut in the good old American free enterprise way, but
don't expect me to use the product unless it does a different job, more effectively, than the least expensive, equivalent generic product. At least not until we have universal health insurance.

I feel lots better, thank you.
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