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The Good Life, Ackworth, Comcast and Good Friends

A cup of Kuerig's Breakfast Blend, a good night's sleep in a beautiful, modern Georgia mansion, a Portugese water dog named Pepper, as a friendly companion, low calorie lime yogurt, and can you believe this, here in Georgia, outside Atlanta, SEC country, Bulldog Country, Georgia Tech Country, I have Comcast, and the Pac12 Network. And that means, I get to watch the thrilling match of the 1-3 Colorado Buffaloes and the 3-1 UCLA Bruins on television, live…. if I don't have to go out to dinner, Saturday night at 6 PM. If so, theres DVR potential. I can't see the Pac12 network on Direct TV at home, or even in the sports bars who all have Direct TV, but out here, in Georgia, I can watch the game, and stay in touch by internet, and listen to my favorite radio station, and see lots of alien sentiment, like pick up trucks with "Impeach Obama" bumper stickers…. so, it's not quite perfect, but it's awfully, awfully good. There's hope for Georgia, too. We had sushi with our matron of honor, Jayne, at Yellowtail in Kennesaw, GA. We are being treated like royalty, and they have Bruin TV!
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