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Best Date of My Life (BDML)

It was on a Saturday night, October 20, 1984, that my life began. I was 48 years, 8 months and 7 days old. I had 5 children with 3 wives. I was separated from my third wife, and I had an infant daughter, a week shy of 4 months old. I was a three time loser with a proven record of relationships doomed to failure. The love and inspiration that I sought seemed beyond realization.

On that night, on Happy Sparrow Lane, in Laguna Niguel, I walked up to a doorway and there she was. Beautiful. Breathtakingly, beautiful. She kissed me, lightly, on the cheek. I was awestruck! I couldn't believe the green carpet and the white paint, and the princess of my dreams…. and shekissed me!

I met her lovely daughter who was a contestant in the homecoming princess competition, that evening, and then we got into my car, a 1984 Dodge Colt GTS Turbo, with a sticker on the back, Don't Step on the Gas Unless You Really Mean It!"

And the long and the short of it includes my moving in with my wife to be, the following Tuesday, and marrying her, less than 4 months later.

I am more in love with my wonderful wife today, than I was when the shine and glitter fed fantasy. The reality of spending as much of my life with her so outweighs what I could imagine. My respect for her is enormous.

Rather than detail our life together, at least at this time, I want to say how our weekend began.

On the 18th, Thursday, I brought her flowers and this card.

She has served me breakfast in bed the last 2 days. Today, she gave me this card.
2012_10_20 LELtoLL_BDMLa
2012_10_20 LELtoLL_BDMLb
Two days ago, with the help of Trader Joe and Conchita, she made me a fresh peach pie that caused the stockholders of Polly's Pies and Marie Callender's to panic in fear of new competition. She had gotten me sunflowers, my favorites, and baked chicken that simulates fried chicken without the calories.

Here she is, returning from shopping, while I spent a tough day watching football!
Tomorrow, we're going to 2 movies: Moonrise Kingdom and The Perks of Being Wallflower. Yesterday, we saw Argo.

Tomorrow night, I'm taking her to Yelp's pick of the Best Sushi Restaurant in Orange County.

I'm a very, very lucky man!
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