tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D., Democrat, Bruin

He defeated the incumbent, Mary Bono, in a bigger upset than the Bruins delivered last Saturday. I wrote him the following message:

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see that you, a Democrat, a Physician, a Latino, a Bruin (and a Harvard Graduate..... maybe you couldn't get into UCLA's medical school, as I couldn't in 1958, but you chose a considerably more prestigious alternative, than I {USC, Class of 1962}) are now Congressman Raul Ruiz, congressman elect. I once dreamed of running against "Bomber Bob" Dornan, in Garden Grove, a seat now held by Loretta Sanchez.

This message is just to tell you how much hope and inspiration you infused into this old warrior. I'm Orange County's longest serving nephrologist, and I've focused on the Hispanic community since 1967, when I was deferred from the Viet Nam War to start dialysis in Orange County. I was a Eugene McCarthy Liberal in John Birch country, an early advocate for Single Payer Health Care and PNHP, and even managed to make it as far as the Board of Directors of the Orange County Medical Association. I searched and searched for a bilingual nephrologist coming out of the Mexican community for a partnership and would still welcome the opportunity to pass my practice along to someone with the sensitivities to care for the people that I serve. I volunteer at Share Ourselves Clinic (Costa Mesa), Clinica La Amistad de San Jose (Orange) and Lestonnac Free Clinic (Orange), where my Chicago secondary school Castillian Spanish draws peels of friendly laughter.

I'd love to meet you sometime, and I have no hidden agenda or favors to ask. I'm simply proud to have you as a professional colleague, a fellow alumnus, and a Latino physician Democrat! Buena suerte y felicidades!
Tags: inspiration
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