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Newtown, Connecticut and Tucson, Aurora and Oak Creek - Gun Violence

So sad to see the president speaking from Newton, CT in an effort to console the grieving loved ones of those slain in the insane shooting of school children and their teachers, on a pre-Christmas Friday, by a madman, whose mother had a fascination for guns, and an apparent denial or a functional paralysis in coping with the mental illness of her son. I looked at a few pictures of innocent children, of brave school teachers, and I'm sad that the majority of our society that opposes gun violence, has been powerless to confront the NRA and those in its pay, and under its influence. We need leadership, and I hope that President Obama rises to the leadership challenge that this tragedy demands.

The President acknowledges that this is the fourth time that he has come to an area to console the victimized families. "Are we prepared to say that we are powerless in the face of such carnage...."

It was more sermon than plan. Hopefully, the plan will come later. It better!
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