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A Dinner with Lin and Sylvia

Lin, my wife, has done incredibly well over the years despite her multiple sclerosis. Much of this is the slow progression of the disease process, but an awful lot of that is her positive attitude. She simply does not focus on the limitations, but concentrates on what is not limited, and keeping her ability to walk and her strength maximized. In this vein, for greater than a year, she has been regularly going to a gym, with an exercise program that has built up her strength in a very positive way. Her trainer, Sylvia, has become her friend. Actually, anyone who Lin interacts with for any length of time, including lines at the bank or the super market, is likely to become a friend. When Sylvia got married last summer, we were invited, but we were in Chicago with our grandsons. So last night, we got together with Sylvia at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Long Hai, in Tustin. Her husband, who aspires to be an occupational therapist, was out for a football watching evening with his buddies, but Sylvia had committed to this dinner.

Over egg rolls, spring rolls, crab wontons, bun, teriyaki salmon and orange chicken, I got to know a very interesting young lady who had attended college with a major in religious studies, wanting to be a missionary, but especially, wanting to travel. She worked as an au pair in New Zealand and Fiji, her last job being with an Italian furniture manufacturer and his Iraqi wife, caring for their 2 year old. Our conversation ranged from the challenge to pay for an education to be an occupational therapist, to the limitations of being raised in a society where entitlements go unrecognized, and where one's station limits the development of empathy. Sylvia is empathic. It was a lovely evening, and I did not greatly miss the Titans vs Jets game, or even the PBS Evening News. Sometimes, its nice to be social. I must remember that.

Oh, and Lin (and I) loved to recount how we had met and fallen in love. On second thought, perhaps the very best part of the evening was the action that I toss in so casually at the end. The retelling of a love story that remains so fresh and so vibrant. Isn't love what makes the world go round, and the antidote to existential anxiety?
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