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A Rant on Free Offers and Internet Frustration

This was psychotherapy….. It really is a great espresso maker. Letter sent off today, before I visit the hospital. No, the regular hospital. Not the psychiatric hospital.

December 21, 2012

The Nespresso Year End Promotion
24-01 44th Road, 12th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101


The Nespresso CitiZ & Milk is a beautifully designed and manufactured Espresso Maker which we first bought as a present for our daughter and loved, and then bought our own via Sur la Table, by the internet, and then I have spent the last 3 hours inputting information and revising that information to respond to error messages, appearing on 2 different computers. I have copied receipts, phoned for the receipts, changed formats from Excel to .jpg and then phoned in to your support, where I received the following message, “..We are experienced more than the usual delay….etc.” 30 minutes later, a most polite lady guided me through the process that I had just performed, using the serial number without spaces and with spaces, and then submitting. The internet site then erased all of my input and I started again! And again. And again.

Now I’m writing to you, because I love the design and appearance of your espresso maker, and I love the espresso it makes, and the froth, and its speed. And I love Nestle Crunch Bars…. A bit too much!

I don’t love your website! Stuff happens. I have a good sense of humor. I’m laughing as I scratch out this desperate note. I’m a nephrologist and I have had a long career, and need lots of espresso to keep myself going. My wife loves bargains. $100 worth of coffee credit, looked to her, like a great bargain, but she doesn’t enjoy reading instruction manuals, and she has no real facility with the internet and computers so I’m delegated to those chores.

Even with the very poor state of reimbursement for the medical services I render to Medicaid patients and indigent patients, my time is still worth $100/hr to the government and to the insurance company. I figure that should a $100 reward ever reach my wife, I will be about $200 behind in the time spent. I’m writing this because it is therapeutic to express one’s frustrations and not take them out on the family dog or the unfortunate motorist who commits some minor infraction in front of me.

Would you please note that your site requires some tuning and that you have a fan who still likes your products, if not your internet page.

Sincerely yours,
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