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4 Hours 10 Minutes to Zero Hour

We're celebrating Memorial Day weekend with the Bjurstens in Corte Madera. Peter, my son-in-law, has always had a special interest in the B-17, and we've visited one together at the Chino Air Museum. My fantasies were always more in the direction of fighter planes, the Spitfire, in particular. A month or so ago, while perusing the AAA magazine, Lin showed me an advertisement for the Collings Foundation, and their Wings of Freedom Tour. It seems that a private foundation that maintains flying aircraft of historical interest was coming to Livermore, 55 minutes away, to offer B-17, B-24 and P-51 rides. The price for the B-17 was $425 of which $300 is a deductible charitable contribution. 22 years ago, or so, Lin had surprised me with a Spitfire flight, out of Aspen, CO, with Bill Greenwood's Spitfire TR9, which is the highpoint of my fantasies, actualized. Knowing Peter's love of history and the B-17, I purchased a copy of "Mission to Berlin," by Robert F. Dorr for him and one for me and I'm 2/3 finished and enjoying every moment. I called Becky and told her about the flight, and she thought it would be a great birthday surprise. I will join Peter in the flight, hoping they have a ladder or a winch to haul me on board. I've assured Becky that it should be safe, and compared 4 Wright Cyclones holding the plane in the air to the one Rolls Royce Merlin that powered the Spitfire. The Flying Fortress will fly on 2 engines, and if the Spitfire loses its single engine, it becomes a very ungainly glider. It will be a surprise for Peter, as only Becky, Lin and I know where we're headed. We'll have our books along and our cameras.

This is the plane as captured on YouTube and linked to the Collings Foundation website. Hope it's a "piece of cake."
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