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2 Years to the Day!

Another Memorial Day Weekend, and some time to think and write, and return to an old medium, where I can reflect and where my thoughts don't pop up on the screens of "friends" from the Facebook universe…. not that I don't like Facebook, but it doesn't usually encourage me to the kind of introspection that I like to treat myself to, and share, on an irregular basis.

I guess the first question is how many of my old friends are still on LJ? And how many have moved on to Facebook or other social media sites?

I owe, whoever's still there, an update, and, with the understanding that I may be largely talking to myself, at least I'll have the chance to summarize what's happening.

Sort of working my way backwards…. Yesterday, Lin and I, in her new Tesla P85D, went to the Keck School of Medicine of U.S.C. Annual Luncheon at the California Club on Flower Street in downtown Los Angeles. The Tesla is a wonderful stealth vehicle that is both a luxury limousine and a dragster, and you can guess what aspect of its personality appeals to which of its occupants. We arrived safely and were shepherded to the same table as 3 other classmates (about 72 didn't show up, some with very good reasons, as we're just about all octogenarians, or nearly so, and too many have hung up their stethoscopes forever. Passed on, in a better place, decomposing… depends just how existential you want to be. I miss them. Like old army buddies, I guess, as we were in many of the same trenches together. Ed Bloom, almost retired ENT who still works part time at Kaiser, Joe DeFrancisco who retired from OB/Gyn 19 years ago, and Willa O'Day, a retired pediatrician who remains very active in fund raising and in a fraternal organization that is tied to the Catholic Church, and myself, were the class representatives, and there was the recounting of who we were in touch with, and how they were doing, and the roll of the missing. It's funny how much I now appreciate the socializing that I had so little appreciation of in my younger years. Phil Manning, 94, looking like he was in his 70's, our former teacher, introduced the speaker, a third year student, who gave a speech that was not particularly memorable, but our medical school dean, Carmen P., a Harvard man, and a fund raiser extraordinaire, brought me to near tears by thanking the doctors present on behalf of the patient they served, many of whom had no idea what sacrifices and considerations had been extended. The Trojan Band marched in and played "Conquest," and "Fight On!" and I thought about my undergraduate days at the Coliseum booing those rich kids, and cheering on the Bruins, never imagining that USC would offer me a very safe harbor and a future doing what I love, while UCLA thought there were better candidates for their medical school. So I raised my right hand in the Winston Churchill "V for Victory," that USC has adopted as their own, and applauded my alma mater. The salmon was healthy and wonderful The chocolate, peanut butter cream dessert was… wonderful! My diet, again, was held in check for another day, and we 4, were the last to leave, vowing to come back next year.
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