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A Whole New World!

It's a fine day! I've met 2 people in the community of Damned Dialysis, and I feel like I'm welcome. Thanks to Tami and Melissa!

And, the Bruins beat the Fighting Irish in South Bend, the Irish being favored by 5 1/2 but lethargic, and the Bruins playing hungry. I was asked to babysit the neighbor's children while they drove off to the ER for a laceration, and they had the grace not to show it to me, because I'm not fond of blood. The children slept through the game, and an orange tabby kept me company, without the need for an inhaler. Lin, my lovely wife, was driving into town to lunch with a friend.

David was building my Costco greenhouse, so I will have no excuses with little brown birds eating my sunflower seedlings. Which reminds me of a story, that I wish I had time to tell, though my friends have all heard of my epic battle with an Eastern Mockingbird.... it was over sunflowers, and it alienated an old acquaintance, in the telling... but this sounds like teasing. I have a new green house that is about 4x4x5-6 feet. And I tried, and failed to repair the Marksman BB gun that defended the sunflowers. I have disarmed... do you hear that "W"? No need to search here!

But the greatest news is the new community and the new avenue of communication. Anolther thank you to travelling Rhea and British Nephrologist!
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