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An Interesting Coincidence - Lancaster and Type 509 Spitfire

Sometimes a coincidence is amazing. I'm posting this, specifically, for Darcy, whose LJ blog evokes the atmosphere of WW II Britain with uniforms, airmen, roundels and, of all things, a formation of Lancasters. Nothing I would ever dream of finding as I meander the fascinating communities of LJ and explore my own diverse interests.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Amazing, here it is. I can't credit this picture because I've lost the source, but I can identify the Spitfire, as Bill Greenwood's Type 509 Spitfire Mark IX TR in the foreground, and an Avro Lancaster in the background. I think this may have been taken at an exhibition in Canada, or possibly at the Experimental Aircraft Association meeting some years ago. The coincidence is the confluence of Bill's Spitfire and for, a few minutes, "my" Spitfire, and Darcy's choice for her blog, the Lancaster.

I have yet to learn whether the Lancaster is a specific interest, as is the Spitfire, to me, or whether it is representative of the era and its mood. In any case, it tickled my fancy to find the confluence long before my exposure to LJ and Darcy.

In the meanwhile, to further explore the new medium which I tripped across, I did, indeed, rent a DVD of Sky Legion and the World of Tomorrow, which I dutifully watched once, so far, to better understand this genre and the interesting contributors. My initial feeling is that it is an interesting concept, atmospheric in the extreme, both its strength and weakness! My previous efforts at understanding the era, the history, the machines and the people, have been concentrated on "facts" or the attempt to get them, and to sift through the misapprehensions and mistakes, to understand the events from the perspectives of the participants, if possible. Of course, in my spare time, and in no organized way. The fantasy life, though never surrendered, has gone under deep cover, but, as my reading and journaling and introspection reveals, it hasn't gone away.

The movie, Sky Legion, evokes these fantasies or rattles their cages, in any case, and my excitement in reconnecting to this usually forgotten vestige of childhood, powers all kinds of enthusiasm for future exploration. More, hopefully, in my specific replies. Sky Legion, for many, is a Rohrshach. It is a vehicle to launch flights of imagination, and I agree with lasergirl69 who wrote, "fantasy has always been a large part of my life, whether it was just escapism by reading, or full-on games of makebelieve... though i never really called it that. and fiction, whether it's fanfiction, or derived situational fiction, is just a continuation of that. you only grow old when you forget how to play, after all."

Fantasy has been forced into the background in my life, in so many ways, yet out it comes in Spitfires, Porsches, Batman and now, Sky Legion. There is a hopelessness in truly understanding a time that has passed, whose players are dead, or dying, and in the existential predicament that traps each of us in our own bodies and minds. Shared fantasies and connections, empathy and understanding, makes the loneliness of existence that much more tolerable, so I thank all of my LJ friends and acquaintances for their efforts and communications.
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