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Missing You All! August, a Blur!

Writing is such a wonderful self-indulgence. I love to do it! Even when I don't have much to say. And especially when I have too much to say. I'm in great shape, having completed all of my required dialysis clinic rounds by the time 2/3 of the month has passed, so my medical responsibilities are limited to in-hospital patients, currently 2 patients in 2 different hospitals, my office patients whom I see on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, and my volunteering at 2 free clinics, the first and last Wednesday of the month. I'm only a little behind on my consultation dictations. So, loving to write, why haven't I.

Lin and I started the current peregrinations with a trip to Marin County, across from San Francisco, Larkspur to be exact, to babysit for our grandchildren, Haley, 6, and Zachary, 3, so that daughter Becky could fly off for a New York weekend with husband, Peter. We had an exhausting but wonderful time, trying to keep up with this energetic duo. They are just so adorable, so sweet, so much fun. We saw the Penguin movie and ate a lot of popcorn. Becky and Peter had a great getaway, and my former partner, Moh (Mohamed) looked after my patients in my absence.

The next week, on Friday, we were off to Lincoln, Nebraska, landing on a Friday at 11:00 PM, and being greeted by daughter, Laurie's in-laws, totally by surprise. This trip, Laurie and husband, Matt, grand parents (of Matt), Jackie and Art, Laurie's mother-in-law, also named Linda.... this deserves an entry all its own. We had a fabulous trip! One recollection on the Monday of our return... awakening at 1 AM (Pacific Time) in a motel in Council Bluffs, Iowa, across the Missouri River from Omaha, sipping coffee and eating a pretzel at the Omaha airport before boarding our 4 AM flight to Dallas, eating yogurt and breakfast in Dallas before boarding a plane to Santa Ana's John Wayne Airport, landing at 10:45 AM, making dialysis rounds en route to a Viet Namese restaurant in Westminster, for Bahn Xeo (a pancake filled with bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken, eaten with lettuce and mint.) Eating in 3 states before noon, and getting in dialysis rounds, to boot!

And that takes us up to August 8th! Whew!

More rounds and medical stuff!

This week Becky, Haley and Zachary are down visiting with us, and Grampa bought the first electric train he has ever purchased. And that is worth a chapter of its own.... Thomas the Train with Clarabelle and Annie. And, we have the Love Bug DVD to watch, the original, which I never got to see. Becky and Peter go off to Santa Barbara for a college reunion and we get to entertain our grandchildren this weekend.

We are looking forward to the last Sunday of this month when we depart for Seattle for a week's cruise on the Norwegian Star, where I will be giving a lecture on "What the Primary Care Physician Should Know About Chronic Kidney Disease." It turns the vacation into a business expense and continuing medical education opportunity, though my talk comes the day before we dock at our final destination, and I will be lucky to be talking to 2 or 3 doctors. And darn, I miss the opening Saturday games of this football season with UCLA vs San Diego State, and #1, USC, playing Hawaii.

That's August, folks, one big blur.... so much to tell, and so little time. Missing you! Of course, I haven't had time to keep up with my friends, so I feel a bit lost. Prague, anyone?
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