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Pride, Prejudice, The Bruins, and No Excuses!

Second try. Yes, I lost a whole bunch, but mostly they were rationalizations.

Lin and I saw four movies in less than a week! And, we knew we had stars in our family, but one of them just came leaping out of the silver screen.

This is Beckster! Rebecca Michelle. Mother of two! Well, I could go on and on, because of PRIDE. There might be a bit of prejudice. She just happens to be great, in too many ways to put forth without causing too much blushing. I owe it to friend Cathy O'Keefe who called to tell us that there was a strong resemblance between Becky and Keira Knightley. Forget that Becky is nearly twice her age, and is the married mother of two, Haley and Zachary, and wife of Peter, and.... and.... and....
Judge for yourself.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

No makeup. Totally candid. Shot by an amateur.... me!

Now here's Keira, professionally done:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And, on the cover of a magazine:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Convinced? Well, there is another screen star that resembles Becky.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Winona Ryder. Now, neither really compares to Becky. Of course Becky made her first stage appearance at St. Margaret's High School in a bit part as a maid in a classic play whose title I've forgotten. Lest there be no room for Winona and Keira in the spotlight, Beckster retired to be counselor for job seekers, then a pharmaceutical representative, and most importantly, a wife and mother. She continues to give starring performances at everything she does! (Pride and Prejudice!)
By the way, an excellent movie, with a happy ending.

The Bruins.... specifically, Marcus Cassell. He's a cornerback. Somebody who tries to keep up with receivers, and he did just that against the Arizona State Sun Devils, this last week. In a must game, he knocked the ball loose twice from the All-American receiver, Derek Hagan, resulting in two fumble recoveries, and instrumental in keeping the Bruins on track for their game with the #1 U.S.C. Trojans.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a remarkable showing from an underrated player who, as a senior, has risen to the heights. I have to say that I didn't think he was that good, but I was wrong. He will be tested on December 3rd, but I'll never forget that performance,no matter what happens.

I've been living and dying with the Bruins this season, and thought they were pathetic against Arizona, their only loss. They are overachievers. No defensive line. Yet, opportunistic, as Cassel demonstrated. They have no right to have only one loss. But there they are, playing #1 in 3 weeks, and they have demonstrated great character. I'm very proud of Beckster, Marcus and the Bruins. No excuses!
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