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Hats off to the Bruins

A win on the road, at South Bend, in the winter, hitting 61% of their 3 pointers! That's right, 61% Holy Cow! Half their free throws, and 35% of their 2 pointers, but playing defense! And a gutty performance from Josh Shipp with a bad ankle, and Dijon Thompson, pretty cold, but passing and playing defense. They really wanted to win, and they beat a good team, making a great week following the Trojans. Anybody wanting a real report, I recommend my favorite sportswriter, Diane Pucin, in the Los Angeles Times. She really gets it, and she isn't afraid to say it. What a woman, but then she's from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee, I am indebted to Milwaukee. Milwaukee sent me my first wife, and, indirectly, my two oldest sons. Milwaukee sent me my current, and last wife, Lin, former University of Wisconsin cheerleader, and my best friend. It's enough to make you want to drink a beer! Blatz, Schlitz or, whatever.... except, I don't drink beer. I prefer a rare sake.

Is this the place to complain? What the.... I need an update from travelling Rhea, who mentioned the word that fighter planes were hovering above Weipeng, or Waijing, or some other hard to pronounce place in the PRC, and now, hasn't been heard from in 2 days, by me anyway. I can trust her family to keep up with her, however. But she writes so well, I miss my fix!

Today, being the last day of February, I don't have to drive to umpteen dialysis clinics.... generally a 3.5 hour, by car computer, effort. 150 miles. On southern California freeways in traffic.... Do I have your sympathy? Well, it's in my Porsche Turbo.... and I love it, with NPR blaring away. I just have one clinic, and then Lin and I meet for a protein burger at Ruby's, where they treat you like a king, and then home and consults and chores, and I need to get a watering can for my new greenhouse.... I've asked Lin to call me, "Mr. Osaka," in fond remembrance of the Southern California institution, immediately, post-WW II, the venerable Japanese gardener. Long gone.... now Espagnol es la lingua! But, that's a bit of sociology, and I'm late.
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