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The How, The Why, The Inspiration...

"Go on you Rough Riders, Go.
Go, Roosevelt, Go.
We all are true to the Gold and Blue,
So, Go Rough Riders, Go...."

Five days ago, at a kosher Italian restaurant, on Wilshire Boulevard, a mini-reunion was held, with much good fellowship. A writer and documentary film maker, 2 architects and a nephrologist, all sharing space in a Chicago high school in the early 50's, met over lunch and reminisced. The writer and the nephrologist had gone to the same grammar school but really hadn't spoken much, except at the 50th reunion. We exchanged stories, and were saddened over the death of our class president. We wondered what had happened to one class mate or another. We talked about old events that only these alumni and the other alumni of that school would remember. We wondered about the diaspora.... how did we end up where we were? What threads link us to one another? We sure didn't talk about blogging or journals, but, heck, one is a writer, and the other is writing a chapter in an architectural textbook, and this writer has just discovered the mad world of blogging, and is following threads in every direction like a maddened tarantula.... well, the threads are a little loose.

So, all it takes is an idea, and a desire to communicate, and lo and behold, here's a place. It may or may not work. It depends on you. I'm going to send this off to a few old Rough Riders and invite you all to send it along, and see if it grows. Those were great times, and you guys were special. So where the h... is Dick Weismehl, Jerry Kolb, my old doubles partner, Harvey Kohr. I know where Mel and Alice are, and where are you, Rough Rider?

And think of Ron, and all he did to keep the flame burning.... Join in.
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