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Gophers, Google, Bletchley Park and Doublets - Spitfires, too!

A friend in Minnesota, getting ready to migrate for the winter to Arizona, may have been feeling down when she contemplated the fate of the Minnesota Vikings, or the University of Minnesota, Golden Gophers. To cheer her up, I Googled Gophers and Sunflowers and that's how I discovered the Computer Museum of Bruce Danner. A short communication about his farm and his sunflower photograph, before the gophers got to it, led to some communication, and, as a very early application of computers was to the decoding of the German World War II Enigma messages, the photos I had taken in 2002 ended up on Bruce's website, fully credited..... so what all of this is about is how my wife, Lin, ended up in a Computer Museum.


You had to be there to understand....

The Golden Gophers and the Vikings are finished for the year. I just planted my first peat pod sunflowers in my greenhouse.

My son, John, his reconstructive surgeon wife, Sheryl, his in-laws, Robert and Linda Levine, are taking off, as I write, for India, for two weeks where Sheryl will do a bit of reconstructive surgery, and John will complain abut all the work he should be doing. Linda and Bob will love it. Bob's an architect and Lin is a school nurse. John is a Republican! I still love him. He's my oldest son. It's my blog and I can say what I want, right? This isn't China and Microsoft isn't my nanny!

They don't know about or believe in LiveJournal, so I'll be in the dark.

Thomas Friedman's, "The World is Flat," is fabulous. And, I'm reindulging my Spitfire fantasies, in 3 books simultaneously, including a Bobby Oxspring memoir where I've just gone through the escape of the Scharnhorst and its companions through the Straits of Dover. Oxspring saw them leave and sent back the news in the clear but the RAF wasn't ready! 1942 was a tough year.... but I know that things got better.
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