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While Waiting for the Magnetic Resonance Arteriogram, I'm....

listening to the Jim Lehrer New Hour on tape and waiting for the phone to ring. I've got to get to the hospital and back, see the patient, of course, and settle into the Bruin games!

I forgot to mention Lin, and the mysterious plan. I turn 70 on February 13th and Lin has told me that a surprise is coming. She was the woman who got me into a Spitfire! What could she possibly do? She's been working for a year! Holy Cow! I told her after the Spitfire to simply give up. She could never come close again. There is nothing more that I can conceive of doing when my Spitfire fantasy has already been fulfilled. I am not crazy enough to go farther or faster or more dangerously in an airplane, or in a sports car, any faster or more dangerously than I can already go in Torshia.... 571 HP, 527 foot pounds!

But she's got something going, and I know that a bunch of people have been invited to something, because while she was visiting Becky in Corte Madera, a deliciously printed envelope sent to a doctor friend, was returned as, "moved, no address." It was one of those over-sized envelopes, printed by calligraphy. You'd think it was a wedding or something really special. Despite all my complaining, I'm not retiring. Not yet. So what's going on, here.

She says it's something different. This from a woman who once tried to get Michael Chang to play tennis with me for my 55th (?) birthday and another surprise party.

I know that my kids are coming, including Laurie, from Nebraska, and she'll only be staying a short time. Lin is making noises as though she's going to be taking me to Canada for something. I don't believe that for a moment. She wants me to beg her to tell me what's going on, or ask for a hint, but I won't do that. I only know that I'm taking off from the 2nd to the 12th, and, as luck would have it, I resume work on the actual day, the 13th!

So, with good intentions, at least, I'll keep writing.
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