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Challenges.... the Sunflower Challenge!

My friend, Sannee, in Lake Havasu, AZ, recently mentioned that she was about to plant her sunflowers. I love sunflowers. They make me happy. I love them so much, that, by gosh, last year, my wife got me a Costco mini-greenhouse for my birthday! Well, I did a few things, but this year, with Sannee's stimulus, or threat, I immediately went out and popped some seeds in a peat cup and they're germinating. It's cold! California cold.... '40's at the lowest. The seeds are germinating. I wonder if I can get bigger peat pots so that I don't have to transplant until I transplant for good.

And why the hell can't we catch Osama? Too much time spent bringing democracy to Iraq! I caught the Frontline special on security in Iraq and the tension between the Army, Marines and the privatising of Security Efforts, Kellogg-Brown and logistics, and the Haliburton parent, and Chaney, of course. And that poor girl reporter in the hands of the terrorists!

I need to plant more sunflowers! Maybe watch the Bruins. Tired of waiting for the call. I'm going in to see waht the output is and make a decision about dialysis. And wandering if Howland will come up with a defensive scheme to stymnie the Mountaineers.
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