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Just in Awe! Really in Awe! Shucks!

How did the world exist before the internet? Before Google, Wikipedia? Before LJ.

I think it's darn close to a year, as my former classmate.... she'll like that.... FORMER.... reminds me. A year of this. With marked irregularity. Literary constipation! Hell, obstipation.... and then verbal diarrhea. Quick, Maude, the lithium! Interspersed with bursts of energy. And always with amazement.

What a great and interesting bunch of folks you are! Where would I be today if I had all of you in my life during puberty? Don't answer that! I did bad enough before the internet. And no, you aren't going to hear about it.

Take this week for instance and my latest plunge into aviation via Squadron 101, which came by a link through Wikipedia while I was chasing Spitfires. Squadron 101 was the first fighter squadron in the Israeli Air Force, and sure enough, out there is some fellow who is busily compiling all the information he can..... I think he's a reporter in Texas who went to Ohio State and took a course from a graduate of the Air Force Academy and wrote a paper on the IAF..... yep, far afield. Well, he mentions Leo Nomis, who was a stunt flier in Southern California. He flew in the '30's as a stunt pilot in Hollywood. He was part Native American, in fact when he joined the RAF, via Canada (RAFVR) he made it England in time to join 71 Squadron (Eagle.... First out of the eyrie!) he had an Indian Head painted on the side of his Spitfire (V). So here's an Eagle, who transfers to the U.S.A.A.F. in 1943, after Malta, where he meets Screwball Beurling, gets cannon fragments in his head, and returns to the U.S. as a flight instructor, only to go to Czechoslovakia to check out (no pun intended, though many did!) on the Avia S199, a Czech built Messerschmidt Me (Bf) 109-G. And then off to Israel, and he writes a book, which I buy in England, probably at the Imperial War Museum, or Duxford, and, of course, never read. Too busy! But now, it all comes back to me, so I find that same insatiable interest tying Spitfires, a Californian half-Indian, former Eagle, Israeli veteran.... no, Mom, he's not Jewish! I have to get the book, this time for half the price from Amazon, and then I find I have the book. I just haven't read it!

So, back to the internet and Darcy in Plymouth, my first LJ RAF connection, and the mention of a Czech and a DFC, and Google, and the 312 Squadron site most of it in Czech (well, I know, even if I can't spell it, "Dame nye peevoh, Ti sech krasna!") It doesn't help.

I'm now going to bed with my wife, Lin, and with my very own copy of "The Desert Hawk," to find out how this half-Indian and his buddies helped to secure a future for Israel. I just wish I could meet him. He lived in Southern California, and had bad arthritis when the book was published in ~ 1992..... I'm too lazy to get up and look.

But to go around the circle, thank you all, Darcy, Bill, kidneytx, all of you guys out there for making the world a much smaller place. I'd invite you over for some birthday cake, if I could. About one wonderful year with LJ and a lot of great folks.

And, if it works without photobucket, here's the Avia (nee Messerschmit)

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