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A Birthday Celebration - Jessica Gabrielle's

I need to post a clarification, and I've decided to post some overdue pictures. Amidst the duststorm of activity of the past few days, and all of the connections and links and new friends, I have not made clear what I meant by birthday references.

My wonderful wife, Lin, who can not be induced to write her own LJ, out of modesty, and time spent on the phone, communicating (it doesn't leave a trail, unless "Uncle George" thinks that you can lead him to Osama..... and now I wonder if attempts at joking on the internet will have the same consequences as un-cautious words aboard an airliner).... Lin is scheming! On February 13th, I turn 70! Now, is that a cause for celebration? I like quiet, and sports, and the exchange to leave me alone! Lin is social! She likes parties. I don't like parties. It goes back to some unfortunate experiences in, probably, the fourth grade. Not having a Halloween costume, misapplied lipstick and a real strike-out on spin the bottle. Oh, and parties mean dancing, don't they? I've never gotten over the 6th grade aversion to dancing as un-manly. I know, it's illogical! But there it is! I don't like parties. Lin does! And, she's in control. She's planning one. Shhhh! It's a surprise. Yesterday, the furniture disappeared in the living room. The rugs got cleaned. I have orders to walk around the house in my socks and not bring in unwanted soil samples. Sconces that are electrical and match a chandelier suddenly appear, and our bank account plunges! A surprise is coming and it starts on February 2nd, as I have orders to get coverage from the 2nd through the 12th. My birthday present means that I return to work on my actual birthday, with half the month gone.... it's February, after all.... and I have to do a month's work in two weeks.... bye bye, LJ! at least until my month's work is done!

Well, one birthday party I loved was that of Jessica Gabrielle, my granddaughter and daughter and second child of my second son, Geoff and his wife Jeanie. We gathered for a birthday party a couple of Saturday's bank and I will post a few pictures. Apparently, I'm going to have to do this by the edit option as I can't find an upload on the present screen. And, kidneytx, there's a birthday cake, and a real hands on, literally, party.

First, let me take you back to January 17, 2005 and, meet the mishpochah! Bill, Jeanie's mom, Mrs. Cho (her first name begins with an S, and I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember it, and Lin. Lin is Geoff's step mom. Geoff's real mom, Sally, is my first wife. She couldn't be at the hospital because whe lives in Washington. This was taken in the waiting room at Cedars-Sinai, in Los Angeles.

Well, we didn't have to wait for long, as this gorgeous child with tons of hair, arrived to bring joy to her family.

A year has gone by, and now we gather at Geoff and Jeanies', with uncle Ben, Jeanie's brother, the Chos, cousins Little Geoff (John's son) and Kacie, and of course, the newest grandchild, Myles, and his parents, Josh and Tammy. And here is what a year has brought:

This led to a real "hands on" operation:

This is brother, Jake.... rhymes with take, and cake!

When it comes to my birthday cake, it will require a permit from the fire department and suspension of the Kyoto negotiations..... 70 candles! It belongs in the fireplace.

And lastly, Ken, it was my year or so on LJ that I was alluding to. My first post was February 26, 2005, so I'm 29 days early in my LJ birthday.
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