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Breathless, in Santa Ana.... or (I think I'm onto something)

Something's going on here! First, I had orders to get coverage from February 2nd through February 12th.... because my wife is taking me somewhere for my 70th birthday. She has pulled a number of absolutely wonderful surprises in the past, and she knows that my idea of fun is watching the U.C.L.A. Bruins pummel somebody, anybody. I'm a stay at home. Daughter, Becky, says, "Saving lives is highly overrated." Kiddingly, of course, so we all laugh. But, a little of that, Spitfires, WWII history, sports, family, sports car.... I'm happy. I'm very happy. With Hamas in the majority in Palestine, I've put my plans to solve the Middle East Peace crisis on hold.... so that's a big load off my shoulders. All I want is a little quiet. And the Bruins beat the Oregon Ducks, yesterday, in "the Pit" in Eugene.... all's right with the world. My one hospital patient is going home tomorrow in a lot better shape than when he came in, and we have plans for an aortic stent, rather than big time surgery, so he's doing well. Great, so far.

Well, the next game is tomorrow vs the Oregon State Beavers at 1 PM. No, says, Lin. "Josh and Tammy have something very important to tell us.... maybe she's pregnant. If so, this grandchild will be #10, making me a Grampa Ace, all over again.... maybe, Grampa DFC (Definitely Fertile Children!) Fine, why at 1 PM when the game starts.... its a Saturday, file this away for now.

The Gathering Storm.... you know about the vacation and the trip. Now, while Lin was visiting Becky in Corte Madera, a beautifully lettered envelope was returned to sender, addressed to a doctor friend who had moved. I pretended not to see it. Usually, Lin gets the mail! It was an invitation to something, but of course, I'm a gentleman, and we don't open other gentleman's mail (Do you know who said that?) Something was up. We passed right over that.

Okay, more. Last week, the rug disappeared from the living room. Gone. And the furniture in the garage! And the annual window washers arrived. And the rug cleaners! Twice a year, but now? And crystal electric sconces were installed in the living room, last week. And now there are eight round tables seating 48 people in the space where the living room furniture used to be. This is either the best coverup since that body washed up ashore with invasion plans, or an invasion is really coming and its coming soon!

Lin has gone out to get her nails done, and maybe her hair. We are scheduled to go out to see a Marilyn McCoo concert tonight. Conchita, our twice weekly cleaning lady, is here for the third time! Oh, and a small pea green table and six tiny chairs appeared in our bedroom! All we need are Italian waiters in our living room! They're coming. I have 9 grandchildren and six of them are probably big enough to sit in chairs. To test the water, I told Lin that Dopey called. She ignored me. Then I said that Edith White's daughter called. "Who," Lin said. "Snow," I answered. No response, other than, "Be a good sport."

Then she asked me how a beautiful new dress looked. Well, it looked beautiful. I asked herr which pair of jeans should I wear to go with it. She wasn't amused.

So, what do you think? Will it be tonight, because Conchita is here tonight, making the attack imminent.... I mean, how much more info do I need? But people don't easily cruise in on Friday. A Saturday would be more likely, and why must Josh and Tammy see me precisely at 1 PM when they know that it takes a potassium of 7 to pull me away from a Bruin game. I own the football and basketball season! That's an argument for Saturday. And it's much easier for people to arrive.... some of my kids are as far away as Lincoln, Nebraska. Saturday is much more likely. So what's going on from Thursday, 2/2 to Sunday 2/12? I'm betting the big surprise is tomorrow night, and that the Josh thing is subterfuge, and since he's the only one of my 7 kids that reads my journal, he will probably see that I'm onto this! Ploy.... counter ploy.

Oh, and Lin was writing some kind of speech that's going to embarrass the crap out of me. I am not royalty or a distinguished personage, but when she gets through with me, you'd think this were Oslo, and I was going to benefit from the invention of dynamite!

Just thought I'd let both of you in on it..... Boy, am I a good sport. I will definitely have my video recorder on, and I wonder what subterfuge will be used to keep me from returning early enough to see the full schedule of basketball games.

Stay tuned.... D Day minus one! I think. Trouble is my human intelligence and electronic intelligence still follows the old rules. I'm a great sport. You have to be when you're the bottom man in the top half of the class, when you love singles, and you can't beat the last man on the ladder and have to play doubles.... and more. But, now I have a bit of work to do.
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