tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

The Grand Celebration - First Take, the rushes

Well, we're close to Hollywood. It's tough to be the target, the photographer, the re-write guy, etc, but this will give us a an idea. I haope to edit later....

The party was the grandest success. The guests came from everywhere, and, I can't believe it.... my chief un-indited co-conspirator and her husband came from Lake Havasu. She was the only one in one Lin's "surprise" and my "counter-offensive." And she didn't let on to either of us what the other was doing!

This is Sannee and Don. Sannee and I go back to William G. Hibbard Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois, 1941!
Longest term frienship in attendance, she knew me before anyone else in the room. From the Left: Lin, Sannee (Anastasia), Don and me:

In the interest of speed, and because we're going out for lunch with Sannee and Don, I'm posting and will label, correctly later, the pictures follow.

Note, they made it easy on me by having only 2 representative candles. Note Lin's choker which I called something like a bit "garish," and then the moment of her realiztion that these stones weren't from a Mason Jar, and finally, a very happy embrace. And SHE IS TAKING TO ME LONDON, FIRST CLASS, TO THE GROSVENOR FOR 10 DAYS on Marriott points and credit card advantage points..... I really never suspected LONDON! More to follow.... we leave on February second!!!

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