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Preparations for the London Trip

Daughter, Becky, grandchildren, Haley and Zachary are with us until 11 AM today, but I must continue saving lives, while making the preparations for the trip to London. I went down to Barnes and Noble and bought a book on Knights (Haley) and Airplanes (Zachary), and two Frommer's London Guides, once called Irreverent London, and the other standard fare. While lunching alone at Polly's Pies, and smelling, but not eating the wonderful pies.... content with a generous South Beach Diet allotment, I started in with the irreverence. Humorous and probably useful. Of course there is the usual mayhem around me as the Coalition of Community Clinics continues to try to address health care for the uninsured, the undocumented, the underinsured, and all the unaware and unfunded. I hear, from NPR, that George Bush will be proposing a big push to medical saving accounts, which will benefit, let's see..... how about, none of the above, and the usual upper tax bracket crowd who are trying to figure out what to do with their record oil money profits, while George squanders another two or three years before we get to down to coping with the energy crisis that has us sending our reserves into Iraq to bring Democracy.

LL responds with the unfashionable, 60's Liberal solution to George and Arnold's Amerika! I'm through with politics. Zachary, age 3 1/2, just tiptoed by out of the magic bedroom, making his way to the other bedroom, so Becky's sleep is over. I'm about to load up Kid Pix, for an exciting prelude to a new, unfunded patient who needs a workup, a catheter and a dialysis, before noon, an office full of patients, including two new ones who need to see me before I go to London, and a visit to another hospital to see a really nice octogenarian (Holy Cow... I'm 13 days away from Septuagenarian Status, myself!) with mysterious swelling in his legs, no heart failure, a normal serum albumin, no abnormality on his renal ultrasound, and an unexplained creatinine of 3.8. Your job, should you accept this is to explain WHY? This tape will self-destruct in 2 days, then you will be transported FIRST F-G CLASS, to LONDON!

Kid Pix is Broderbund's prize winner for kids, so it's probably way beyond my level of competence. Why can't Haley grow up faster... she'll be 7 in June! Then she will be able to guide me around the internet like every other normal, intelligent middle class kid in our wonderful country whom George Bush wants to start saving for their very own medical savings plan, NOW!

On to Kid Pix, brief play, 2 hospitals and the challenges of the day.... By the way, my 79 year older who was in the hospital last week with an aortic aneurysm, starts his first out patient dialysis today, and I will be there at about 1:30. I have to find A Tiger's Tale, used, so I can read about Spitfires, in London.... and I'm going to meet with my favorite Brits, Rhea and Paul who will come up from Ipswich..... wow!!! Paul's a nephrologist, and Rhea, travelingrhea to LJ is well, everything! Really, everything. For all I know she's on stage imitating American accents, or teaching school. We met them, by magic, in Cambridge while I was attempting to understand Britain's ESRD program and taking a sociology course at Cambridge with a lovely lady prof from New Zealand who introduced us to Brixton, goat curry, the mosques of Leicester, the Sinking of the General Belgrano, etc.... Oh, God Save The Brits..... Laurence is coming! No, kidneytx, I haven't upped my Thorazine, just yet, but I'm a generally happy camper, and Lin is putting the family jewels in the safe deposit box, as we prepare for departure. I will remind her about the newspapers and the mail and Thursday, we're gone..... SuperBowl in London, at what, 11 PM, and the Bruins will have to win without me.
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