tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Arrival, London Marriott aat Grosvenor Square

Friday, 3:30 PM, London Marriott at Grosvenor Square, room 519, after room 6??, after room 201. Life is a series of compromises isn’t it? The first room was embarrassingly small… 9 days at a very posh rate for the 2 days which aren’t Marriott Rewards Points days. So Lin called the front desk and asked what else was available. The room on the 6th floor wasn’t available but looked promising, and then, Miranda, a native Londoner promoted us to the sometimes executive upgraded room 519, which has a lovely little cove from which I’m writing and recharging, as we wait for our luggage. And there is wireless, and it makes me homesick for the Admiral’s Club at LAX, as this one is 20 pounds a day @ $1.91 per pound, or 6/hour!!! Well, that does encourage efficiency in the use of one’s time, pre-composing letters and downloading and reading off-line. So spoiled I have become when some friends still rely on modems. It is interesting how the travel industry has created little profit centers, around internet access, food, wine, hotel “services.”

I’m thinking motel, free internet at the Marriott Courtyard, and even the Bashful Bagel and the Golden Spoon Yogurt store have free WiFi in the states!

Maybe, I’m hungry.

I loved the cab, though he took us to the Grosvenor House, an entirely different hotel, and nearly began to unload before I discovered the error. Spacious little diesel vehicle with lots of room.

In our new room, in typical hotel fashion, the TV set is placed in a wooden cabinet and it is at right angles to the bed, so the left 1/3 of the screen is hidden by a door.

Yes, I think I’m hungry. Aboard the airplane, Lin learned key elements in the life histories of the flight attendants…. She’s dangerous…. Mata Lindy!
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