April 18th, 2005


Spitfire Fantasy Fulfilled - The Woman Who Made It All Possible!

Okay. Now I know how to upload a picture. I don't know how to size it, but I know how to upload it. Slow learner.

This is a picture taken by Bill Greenwood on my 35 mm, just before I set off on my flight. In the previous picture, Bill, the backside of him, at least, can be seen in the coveralls.

Lin had talked Bill into giving me a ride, and I had long since given up all hope of flying in a high performance airplane, realizing that the "right stuff" just wasn't there. So I had read anything and everything until Lin tracked down Bill and charmed him into offering me a ride. He has since made the operation a commercial venture, and who can blame him considering airframe and engine maintenance requirements. I guess I got in under the wire. His current weight requirement is 190 pounds for the aft cockpit, so I'm grounded!

Here's the Spitfire Kiss:

Spitfire Kiss, Aspen, Colorado