June 28th, 2006



Since Saturday, I've been on the court for about 6 hours, on 3 days, or about 2 hours per day. And I'm living to write about it. Torture after the first half hour, attesting to my superb physical condition. And I used to laugh (to myself) about the old geezers and how they moved like arthritic dinosaurs.

Now I've joined them. Hit the ball to me, where I can take one step into it and I feel youthful. Three steps away and its like a prolonged trip across the desert.

My iMac G3, getting moldy, is having printing problems that aren't due to the printer so I hauled it off to one of my patients' shop where it is undergoing some form of slow resuscitation, leaving me with no printing options and a lot of excuses.

Grandchildren, Haley and Zachary, about to arrive from 2 days in San Diego, and their parents will take off for a couple of days to celebrate a 10th anniversary. We will see Cars on Friday.... Zach for the second time.

Off to SOS clinic for my overweight, non-compliant diabetics, always with the chance of an occasional surprise, and a stop at the greatest little fruit market in Costa Mesa. Federer will have to win without my help! Still, I love the game even when it is slipping away from me.
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