July 28th, 2006


Blackout, Bjurstens and Geezer Tennis

It's been a very full and exciting week. I have been playing tennis, and last Saturday, we celebrated Paul Ackerman's 85th birthday. Paul is the founder of this informal group that plays on Saturday and Wednesday mornings. We play doubles in a very competitive but good natured way, forgiving of the failings of others, if not for ourselves. Paul is a lawyer who still assists adoptions. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Other members of the group, are, from left to right, un-named, Chuck, the accountant, Paul, Jim, another accountant, and Art, retired from the pharmaceutical industry. We rotate through about three sets, winners playing winners and losers playing losers, all despending on how many show up. A very pleasant group! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday set all kinds of records for heat, and this time it was combined with humidity. When the electricity failed, the problem was the circuit breakers which can be seen hanging downward from this electrical pole. Read more...Collapse )