September 16th, 2006


Pre-Game, from Lincoln

Here are some of the pictures from Lincoln, as the game is 15 minutes away. We've just had dinner and it's 6:45 Central Daylight Time.

I believe the Lincoln Airport serves a metropolitgan area of 250,000, quite close to Omaha, in southeastern Nebraska. This banner greeted us.

And this was the entry to the hotel....

There was even the announcement of a pregame party,

....but this was the scene that greeted me when I checked it out.

Daughter, Laurie, and son-in-law, Matt

Holding a Husker sportspage....

This is where U.S.C. will be playing in 2007. An impressive stadium, and when the Huskers are in town, the hotel rates more than double. The people all wear red.

Before we visited the campus, Laurie, Lin and I ate at Tina's. A Nascar theme on the inside, near the corn elevators.

Laurie's Camouflage Green Scion xB, a fine little car.

Now, may the best team win!