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Neophron's Senescence
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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

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Lin's Progress
Each day, just a little better, a little stronger. Still, so weak. She tries so hard not to let me down, and I am aware of how hard she is trying to eat, first the hospital food, and then some of her favorites that I bring in. As kidney function improves, her appetite should improve as well.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are pushing her to regain the motor skills that we take for granted, and she is doing her best.

I have made a card for her.... purchased from Trader Joe's. This is the outside.

The inside is too personal, even for my generally unabashed LJ.

It's the end of the month, the 14th day after Valentine's, and the 14th day of the new life, after the miracle. I will deliver her card and then go off to Share Ourselves Clinic in Costa Mesa.

Current Mood: hopeful
On the Road to Recovery
WBC's ~ 10,000. Creatinine 1.7 Just, awfully weak, and eating tiny amounts. But, Lin is really on the way back. Her surgeon is contemplating discharge on Monday. It's now the job of the physiotherapists and occupational therapists to give her the workout she needs. Easier said than done. But, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. What a girl!

Here she is working out, stretching this rubber band. She's dropped the water glass and the telephone many times, so she needs to regain her strength.

Throughut her hospitalization, she has kept her sense of humor and her ready smile.

Just for the record, I did decide to bring her roses for our anniversary on Saturday, February 24th, and I found the same peach color that she carried in her bridal bouquet. We have a huge celebration coming, and now, I can see that day.

Current Mood: thankful

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