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Neophron's Senescence
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Saturday, March 29th, 2008

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The Hilltoppers Reflect on The Game
An interview on video was published in the College Heights Herald and shows that the Hilltoppers can express themselves poignantly and philosophically after a gallant effort against the Bruins. They have my sincerest admiration.

They are an interesting community and certainly have a distinctive mascot and a great sense of humor. Lets hear it for the Hilltoppers!

addendum: This avatar was created by Dr. Ron Milliman, a Professor of Marketing, at Western Kentucky University, who was kind enough to respond to an e-mail, and inform me that the Hilltopers' Forensic Team is a World Champion, 9 out of the last ten years. I also learned that the world headquarters of Fruit of the Loom is in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Every Corvette on the road began its life in Bowling Green, which can lay title to America's Stuttgart. And, most important, WKU graduates "...100% of our WKU basketball players, an accomplishment no other university in our NCAA division can match. If the NCAA basketball national rankings would have been based upon graduated rates, WKU would be #1, and most of the top 20 universities in the regular pole would be ranked close to the bottom of the graduation rate rankings!...."

I must add, that if Kevin Love had gone to WKU, he would have broken their enviable record, when he departs for the NBA.
Bruins Play "Bruin Basketball" over Xavier
Kevin Love showed the way, but this was a team victory. This was UCLA playing its best, playing motivated, and showing what it could do when the machine functioned with all of its components contributing. If they play like this, win or lose, it's all that this fan could want. Congratulations, Bruins. Hello, San Antonio. Here we come!

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