May 5th, 2009


Sleeepless, After the International Date Line

Of course, I should be sleeping. But, I took the afternoon off yesterday because I was just too fatigued to make it through a 12 hour day. I did what I had to do, got home at about 12:45 PM, ate 2 100 calorie yogurts (6 pounds added in my eating onslaught of Asia/17 days!) and went to sleep, awakening at 5 PM. Lin brought home one of those wonderful hot Costco chickens and I ate one chicken breast, 2 tangerines, and faithfully watched Dancing With The Stars, nudging Lin to keep her awake for her favorite show. Then I watched one of the Tivo'd Bill Moyers, on Torture, finding myself in agreement with Bruce Fein, who has undergone some kind of major transformation... or maybe I didn't understand him in the past. After a couple of hours sleep, I went to the computer and that took me to BBC music of Istanbul! There's this old folk strain, buried deep, that occasionally emerges, and tonight I was grabbed, big time by Aynur Dogan.

The connection is Istanbul and our next Crystal Cruise in June 2010! It starts in Venice and ends in Istanbul and I've resolved to do the research on Istanbul, since I know next to nothing, except the Turks are a Moslem nation with more democracy than that part of the world usually contains. Of course it is complex. Profound! 5;00 AM!

Aynur is a Turkish Kurd whose music was once banned. I love her voice and her looks and the instrumental accompaniments, and I've been all over You Tube, Google and Wiki, learning more.

There is one other person on LJ who has an interest in Aynur. Not a Turk. Not a Kurd. An Austrian! LJ in one hell of a place!

I've got 16 patients coming into the office between 10 AM and 12 noon. Hah, hah, hah! Vacations are great fun, particularly for the obsessive compulsive with very limited Spanish fluency, and my demographic.

I'd love to play this music in the waiting room, but H1N1 is just too fresh in Hispanic minds.