June 5th, 2009


Planes of Fame - SBD Dauntless and the Battle of Midway

I'm going to indulge myself and take this in. Planes of Fame - SBD Dauntless and the Battle of Midway I deserve this break because, for the last 3 days I've served as a speed bump beneath the wheels of a malevolent daughter of a patient, who marked me out as victim #4 in her attempts to hang onto a poor old father with dementia, a mechanical aortic valve requiring anticoagulation, a repaired aortic aneurysm, a non functional arteriovenous fistula and recent MRSA sepsis. She had a somewhat plausible story, so I rode off to the hospital to help the man and take over his care, not realizing that nephrologist #3 was attempting to dump the patient with a story.... his associates couldn't cover the patient in a dialysis unit that the daughter preferred. And, oh yes, "Do I accept MediCal?" Well, I volunteer at 2 free clinics, so ignoring the embarrassment of what the State f California thinks my work is worth, I said sure, and rushed off in the midst of a busy day.... a very busy day, to ride to the rescue. dropped everything, I did, to try to help out this seemingly sincere lady. I called the interventional radiologist, a vascular surgeon for consultation, nephrologist #3, not knowing his role in the conspiracy, and the primary care doctor....all of this uncompensated, even by the paltry MediCal standards, and then explained my opinion of the proper course to the daughter.

I lasted 2 days. This morning, before I could see the patient, but after I had read a couple of reports and checked labs, I got a call from my office to inform me that the daughter would no longer need my services. She had found another nephrologist.

This put me out of my misery, and learning that nephrologist #5 is not a good friend, indeed, much less than not a good friend..... but that is too long a story, and won't appear in this journal. Enough to say, that they certainly deserve each other, and I'm sorry for the old guy, and sincerely searching for some reason to excuse the daughter who can't be realistic about end of life issues, and considers physicians as tools to be manipulated.

I'm off the hook, and I'm going to celebrate. Yeah, Beckster.... saving lives is highly overrated!